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Get ready for an epic culinary adventure at Long Island Cafe Portage! We’ve teamed up with the renowned food challenger, Nathan Klein, to bring you the Nathan Klein Breakfast Challenge. It’s not just a meal; it’s a battle against the clock and your appetite!

Now Named Ambers Breakfast Challenge

Launched February 9th, 2024

Who is Nathan Klein?

Nathan Klein has become a legend in the world of food challenges. With over 150 victories in Michigan and conquests in all 50 states, Nathan’s journey is nothing short of extraordinary. His social media presence boasts over 7.5k followers and half a million views, capturing his quest to conquer food challenges nationwide. Now, he’s bringing his expertise to Long Island Cafe to create a challenge that will test your limits!

What Is The Challenge?

Are you ready to take on about 6 lbs of breakfast delight? The originally named Nathan Klein Breakfast Challenge is a gastronomic beast, featuring a double Tsunami Omelette, a hefty portion of potatoes, two cinnamon roll pancakes, and a slice of toast. Wash it down with a glass of water or soda, all within 60 minutes. It’s a race against time and your stomach!

(If you do not complete the meal the price is $40.)

Local Portage Breakfast Challenge


  1. Meal Composition: Contestants must finish the entire meal, which includes a double Tsunami Omelette, a double portion of potatoes, two cinnamon roll pancakes, and a slice of toast, along with one glass of water or soda.
  2. Time Limit: The challenge must be completed within 60 minutes.
  3. No Breaks: Contestants are not allowed to take bathroom breaks during the challenge.
  4. Stay Seated: Contestants must remain seated throughout the duration of the challenge.
  5. No Sharing: The meal cannot be shared with others, and no assistance is allowed from anyone else.
  6. Health and Safety: If at any point the contestant feels unwell, they must stop the challenge immediately.
  7. Clean Plate: Every item on the plate must be consumed, including all components of the omelette, pancakes, potatoes, and toast.
  8. No Disposal: Contestants cannot dispose of any part of the meal in any manner other than eating it.
  9. Verification: A staff member will be present to verify the completion of the challenge and ensure all rules are followed.
  10. Good Sportsmanship: Contestants are expected to maintain good sportsmanship throughout the challenge.


  1. Winners get their meal for FREE, a stylish LIC Food Challenge T-shirt, and bragging rights!
  2. Set the fastest record and immortalize your name in Long Island Cafe history by having the challenge named after you!
Nathan Klein Breakfast Challenge

Why Take the Challenge?

It’s not just about the food; it’s about the thrill, the glory, and the fun! Whether you’re a seasoned food challenger like Eli & Nathan or a newcomer looking to make your mark, this challenge is for you. Share your experience, enjoy the adrenaline rush, and who knows, you might just become a local legend!

Can you beat the record and claim your place in the hall of fame?

Watch Nathan Beat The Challenge:

Visit us at Long Island Cafe Portage and take on the Nathan Klein Breakfast Challenge.
Breakfast Challenge - Long Island Cafe Portage
Long Island Cafe Food Challenge
Food Challenge Long Island Cafe

Follow Nathan’s journey on his YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram for inspiration!

Ready to take on the Nathan Klein Breakfast Challenge? Come to Long Island Cafe Portage, where epic food battles await. Share your challenge experience using #NathanKleinChallenge and join the ranks of food challenge legends!

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